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Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Speed up Booting on your Windows PC

To optimize speed and make your Windows PC boot faster, then get rid of useless startup apps. If you are tired of wasting a few minutes for all those little programs in the system tray start up in the background  just turn them off. Most often than not that those startup apps are not essential to run your system and those programs make your computer take longer to boot.

Windows 7

Windows 7, don't have its own tool like Windows 8 to disable those start up programs. In this case, you will run a third-party startup manager. You can use CCleaner. CCleaner includes an excellent startup manager alongside its main system-cleaning tool that will clean system caches to free up disk space.

CCleaner have a paid version but you can always use the FREE version. It will do everything you need. Install it, launch it, click the Tools tab and select “Startup.” Use CCleaner’s startup manager in the same way you’d use Windows 8’s. Choose programs you want to disable, right-click them and select “Disable.” Search for the name of a program online if you don’t understand exactly what it is or does. Unfortunately, CCleaner doesn’t track how much each startup program slows down your boot process.

Windows 8

Windows 8, has a very useful tool that lets you disable startup programs. Windows 8's startup manager will indicate how much each program is slowing down your startup process, so you can easily disable the worst offenders.

Here is how to use this tool: right-click your taskbar and select Task manager. Click the More details option and click the Startup tab.

Then choose which startup programs you want to disable. Look under the Startup Impact column — the programs with a “High” startup impact are slowing things down the most. If you’re not sure exactly what a program is, right-click it and select Search online to perform a search for the name of the program. This will help you understand exactly what a program is, so you can decide whether it actually needs to start at boot. To disable a program from starting automatically, right-click it and select Disable.

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